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Complete estimating solution for contractors covering all aspects of bidding process.
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Accurate Estimate

Eliminate risk with accurate project estimates with our highly trained estimators and top-notch software subscriptions.

Fast Turnarounds

With a dedicated team of 350 estimators, you bid as many projects as you want in your desirable timeline.

Beat the Competition

Competitive pricing, accurate take-offs and quick responses to your client/prime will help you stay ahead of your competition and win more.

How Core Estimating Works?

Send us your Plans

Forward us the bid invitation or attach the files to an email and send them to us. When sending us the plans ensure that you’re sending the full set including Architectural, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, etc. Include the specifications if available.

Quote and Approval

Once we receive the plans; we will review them and send you an email or give you a call letting you know the cost to perform the take-off as well as how long it will take us to turn it around.
Upon agreeing to the quoted cost and turn-around time we will send you an invoice for the amount quoted. Once the dues are cleared, we will start working on it.

Review and Finalize

Once the take-off is complete, we will contact you to finalize it. We may have questions prior to this step regarding job site conditions, travel distance, prevailing wages, etc.
After you’ve reviewed the job, we can make any adjustments required to help you fine tune the job and prepare it for bid. Upon finalization, you will have the final estimate for the job.

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Bidding Process.

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