Residential Construction Estimating Software

18 Best Residential Construction Estimating Software of 2024

Residential construction projects demand precise planning, budgeting, and execution. In the modern construction landscape, estimating software plays a pivotal role in streamlining the estimating process, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing overall project management. In this article, we’ll delve into 18 leading residential construction estimating software solutions, exploring their key features and benefits.

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18 Best Residential Construction Estimating Software

  1. Contractor Foreman: Contractor Foreman stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of tools. This software aids contractors in creating detailed estimates, managing projects, and tracking expenses. Its cloud-based platform allows for seamless collaboration among team members.
  2. Procore: Procore is a widely recognized construction management platform that includes robust estimating features. It offers real-time collaboration, document management, and budget tracking. Procore’s intuitive interface facilitates efficient communication and project coordination.
  3. Buildertrend: Buildertrend is a versatile solution that not only handles estimating but also encompasses project management, customer management, and financial tools. It’s cloud-based, ensuring accessibility from anywhere, and streamlines the entire construction process.
  4. Clear Estimates: Clear Estimates focuses on simplicity and accuracy. It provides pre-built templates, allowing users to create estimates quickly. The software also features cost-tracking and reporting tools, making it a valuable asset for residential contractors.
  5. PlanSwift: PlanSwift is known for its powerful takeoff and estimating capabilities. It allows users to visualize and measure construction plans digitally, reducing errors and speeding up the estimation process. Integration with other software tools enhances overall project efficiency.
  6. Houzz Pro: Houzz Pro caters to design and construction professionals. It combines project management, client communication, and estimating features. The software facilitates collaboration with clients, helping them visualize the project from inception to completion.
  7. Buildxact: Buildxact offers a comprehensive solution for residential construction, covering estimating, job management, and accounting. Its user-friendly interface enables contractors to create accurate estimates and manage projects efficiently.
  8. Autodesk Construction Cloud: Autodesk Construction Cloud integrates various construction management tools, including estimating. It supports collaboration, document management, and real-time project insights. The software’s 3D modeling capabilities contribute to accurate and detailed estimates.
  9. CoConstruct: CoConstruct is an end-to-end project management solution with a strong emphasis on residential construction. Its estimating module allows for detailed budget creation, and its client communication features enhance transparency throughout the project.
  10. ProEst: ProEst is a specialized estimating software designed for construction professionals. It offers advanced estimating tools, bid management, and integration capabilities. ProEst’s focus on accuracy and efficiency makes it a valuable asset for residential contractors.
  11. JobNimbus: JobNimbus is a cloud-based project management and CRM platform that includes robust estimating features. It streamlines communication, project tracking, and document management, making it an all-in-one solution for residential construction teams.
  12. Projul: Projul caters to small to medium-sized contractors with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive project management tools. Its estimating features help create detailed and accurate project bids, contributing to successful project outcomes.
  13. ConstructionOnline: ConstructionOnline, by UDA Technologies, provides a centralized hub for construction project management. Its estimating module enables contractors to create detailed estimates and share project information with team members, clients, and subcontractors.
  14. Knowify: Knowify is a cloud-based construction management platform that includes estimating, project management, and job costing features. It’s designed to streamline the entire construction process, from initial estimate creation to project completion.
  15. Sage Estimating: Sage Estimating is a powerful solution for detailed and accurate cost estimation. It offers a range of tools for project estimation, bid management, and cost tracking. The software’s integration capabilities enhance collaboration across the construction team.
  16. ArcSite: ArcSite focuses on mobile-friendly, intuitive design and is particularly suitable for on-site estimating. Its digital takeoff tools and CAD capabilities allow contractors to create precise estimates directly from their mobile devices.
  17. Jobber: Jobber is a comprehensive business management software with a focus on field service. While it covers various aspects of business operations, its quoting and estimating tools are crucial for residential construction professionals.
  18. AccuLynx: AccuLynx is tailored for roofing contractors but can be adapted for broader residential construction needs. Its features include estimating, project management, and communication tools, contributing to efficient project execution.


Choosing the right residential construction estimating software depends on the specific needs and scale of your projects. The solutions mentioned here offer a diverse range of features to cater to different aspects of estimating, project management, and collaboration. Whether you prioritize simplicity, advanced features, or industry-specific tools, these software options can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your residential construction projects.

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